Home is where you stake it

Right after I made the last post I saw a great video on Outside Online called Home Is Where you Stake It. It probably puts in video form what I am hoping for over the next year.

"Home is where you want to go at the end of a rough day."

Many times that place is to a comfortable chair with a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate and a fantasy novel. Other times you can substitute that fantasy novel for an episode of Sherlock, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights or How I Met Your Mother. This next year it is going to be a tent. As Eric Larsen (featured in the video) says: "at the start of any big expedition the tent can seem small and cramped, but after a week or so, it becomes more spacious than a mansion".

Hot showers, cold beer, laundry, and comfortable beds are going to be hard to come by over the next 59-weeks. Friends, beautiful vistas, hikes and interesting experiences will be easy to find. What you call 'home' depends on your perspective. Just don't lose that perspective and remember that you have some goodness in your life that you can go to at the end of a rough day.