Haleakala: A Day in the Hammock

We woke up and it was determined that we would probably need to descend into town to pick up food. The group was interested in catching a little beach time as well.

I decided to skip the trip into civilization. I didn’t really need or want to see stores, or buildings, or structures. While the beach is nice, I could lounge just as easily at our campsite in my hammock.

My big agenda item for the day was finding a place to hang my hammock. The first spot I scouted was too short. The second spot was perfect, it was also 50-yards away from my current tent set up. Was it worth moving all of my stuff? As it was my only order of business for the day I decided to make it happen. I moved my sleeping bag, tent, backpack and hammock and established a new set up just down the hill and promptly plopped down in my hammock to read William Least Heat Moon’s Blue Highways.  When I couldn’t read anymore, I journaled. When I couldn’t do that anymore, well then I napped. 

Usually I am moving too fast for my own good. I suppose my philosophy is that the faster I move the more things I can see. I make up for that when I relax. I don’t do it often, but when I relax I rarely move and lounge to the Nth degree. This was one of those days, and it was delightful.