59-days until the National Park Service Centennial

June 27th, 2016 brings us 59-days away from the National Park Service Centennial. In this edition of the #CentennialCountdown we go back 59-years to 1957 when National Park Service Director Conrad Wirth wrote 'The National Park Wilderness' which talked about the 10-year plan 'Mission 66' to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Park Service.

In the conclusion of the pamphlet, Conrad Wirth said the following (which is still applicable today).

"The National Parks occupy an incomparable position among the scenic wonders of the world. Americans have inherited a collection of masterpieces. With that heritage is this obligation: To conserve the Nation's scenic and historic treasures, and to prepare the areas of the National Park System for their task—the enjoyment and inspiration of this and future generations."