Kenai Fjords: The Lamest Camping Ever

We pulled into Kenai Fjords National Park and did the usual. Stop by the Ranger Station, pick up the Junior Ranger program and get an idea of any hiking and camping spots that we need to check out. After talking to the ranger we learned that there was only one campsite, so we decided that it was best to head there first to lock down a spot. Lindsy was still waiting on her Physical Therapist license to clear, so she decided to join us for Kenai Fjords as well.

We weren’t aware that the one campground would be the lamest campground ever, until after we arrived. We parked the car and the lot was completely empty. We didn’t see anyone, or any sign of life. Usually that means you will have your pick of a spot. We started walking around the loop where all of the campsites were. 1 – Occupied. 2 – Occupied. 3 – Occupied. 4 – Occupied. 5 – Occupied. 6 – Occupied. 7 Looks nic… – Occupied. 8 – Occupied. 9 – Occupied. 10 – Occupied. 11 – Open, we’ll take it! And that was it; twelve campsites for the entire National Park, twelve campsites and one shared cooking space.

There was nothing notable about the camping. Nothing at all. If anything it was decidedly not worthy of remembering.  My only memory is that the ground was full of rocks and it was not easy to get our tent stakes in. One open campsite, and it’s not even suited to stake tents to the ground. There was also only one fire ring for all twelve sites. If all the spots around the campfire were taken you either sat at the picnic tables and got cold, or you retired early for the night.

I was surprised at how little camping was available in the park, it was almost as if they didn’t want people to stay there, it kind of reminded me of Voyageurs in that sense.