22 of 59 : Grand Canyon National Park

Sometimes the most beautiful part of visiting a park is the time that you get to spend with the people while you are there. Grand Canyon National Par was the 22/59 parks that we got to visit

The Grand Canyon is unique in that we had 19-days without cell phones, or email, or really any contact with the outside world. We cooked, we cleaned, we rowed, we celebrated birthdays, we had Thanksgiving dinner, and we crushed some of the wildest whitewater in the country.

These thank you's are 7-months late and this post is 2-days late on our 59-day count-up to the centennial of the National Park Service, but better late than never.

Thank you Ala for bringing us all together!

Thank you Fran for bringing the music, but more importantly the dance moves!

Thank you Susa for your experience and making sure we always had a good time!

Thank you Trevo for being willing to take the oars on a wild ride down a wild river!

Thank you Ev for taking some sick pictures!

Thank you Taylo taking truth or dare seriously and wearing a bucket on your head, when no one else would!

Thank you Annika for your yoga poses throughout the canyon!

Thank you Tim and Jefe for saving me every time I fell out of the duckie...which was frequently!