Rafting the Grand Canyon: Day 12 (11/21/2015)

Layover day!!

Layover days usually start out quite slowly, people sleep until their hearts desire and then kick off the morning with sitting in the sun, doing laundry, and relaxing. Our campground was phenomenal, we had a massive beach and could lounge in the sun for most of the day. I woke up and ran to the first patch of sun as it hit the beach.

After lounging for a good part of the morning people got restless and we decided that it was time for an Grand Canyon Olympics. We had a series of events that included horseshoes, wheel barrel race, a hand stand competition, a chug a beer/sprint race, and culminated in a round of Tug-O-War. 

It was generally hilarious, we did handstands, tried to run in the sand, and had wheelbarrow races that generally ended with people falling in the sand. It was all fun and games until the final competition when we moved to tug-o-war. Our team decided to do a one second hesitation and then pull as hard as possible. Unbeknownst to us, Trevor wrapped the rope around his hand. We waited and then pulled, as  the rope moved in our direction it was pulled across his hand and ripped off a fair amount of flesh. Ugh. The fun ended very quickly and we stopped worrying about who were the winners and losers.

Afterwards we decided to tone it down a little bit and made to hike a little bit up the canyon where we came to a double waterfall.

We came back and the sun had left our beach. We cooked and played 'Truth or Dare', after a fair number of dares we started moving to a game of 'Truth'.  What was your most romantic date? Who was the one that got away? When you spend a lot of time with people you break down the barriers and become comfortable with everyone else.

As it got dark, Eva organized to take some nighttime photos. We all had our headlamps and she would take long exposure photos while we walked toward the camera with our headlamps on. They yielded some pretty sweet shots and we slowly devolved into headlamp pictionary, where she would call out something for us to draw with our headlamps and then we would look at the picture to see how had done the best rendition.