Lake Clark: Fishing for Food

We came down from Holy Mountain and because it stays light out until 10 or 11p.m., we decided to try our hand at fishing. We rowed our boat into the middle of the lake and drifted, as cast after cast yielded nothing. I hooked one and got it next to the boat and we realized we didn’t really have a good way to get the thing in the boat. Just as Trevor was about to grab the line and pull him in, the line snapped.

We switched lures; we added weights, reeled slower, faster. I swear we tried everything. And then it happened. Trevor hooked one. He played it slow. We weren’t going to lose this one! Then the next thing we know we have a 12-inch lake trout sitting in out boat. Dinner!! We pushed our luck and fished a little bit longer, but no bites, no luck.

The lake’s current had taken us a fair distance away from our campsite, but the row back was delightful. We knew at the end of it we would be eating hot trout for dinner. It is really hard to mess up fresh trout. We started a fire and cooked it on the fire for a bit and deboned it as best we could, adding lemon, salt, pepper and butter to the mix. Voilà, it was delicious.

We woke up the next morning and started packing up to head back into Port Alsworth. The lady that we flew into town with offered us a home cooked meal and said to just swing by to check in. Even though we just had a trout dinner, we were excited for a home cooked meal. We got all of our stuff ready and decided to fish a little bit on the way back across the lake. After about 15 minutes, Trevor had landed another lake trout and we were on our way to a trout lunch. We decided it was time to start paddling back to shore and I decided to troll while we rowed back in. I set my fishing pole between my legs and let out about 30 feet of line and we made our way back to shore. Wham, fish on! Lake trout number 2 in the bag. We continued this way all the way back to shore. My line trolling on the right side and Trevor’s on the left, he caught another fish and we suddenly had 3 trout that needed cleaning and cooking. We got to shore and started a small fire. After eating some fire-roasted trout for lunch, we cleaned the rest of the meat off of the bones and saved everything for upcoming meals.