Katmai: Be Dareful Out There!

Bear Naked Granola sponsored a contest called the #livebearnakedcontest. The idea was simple: take a picture of something on your Bucket List and submit the photo on Instagram, or Facebook. Bear Naked would pick 10 winners over a period of 10 weeks and give each of them $10,000 to do their Bucket List item.

This is my wheelhouse! I gave a TED Talk about Phuket Lists (aka Bucket Lists) and I am living one of my Bucket List items right now. The question, though, was how to get selected as one of the 10 winners?

It’s all in the name.

Katmai National Park presented the perfect opportunity for an entry into the #livebearnakedcontest. I have to give a shout out to Meridian Line, they make awesome t-shirts and gave us one that reads, “Be Dareful Out There!” The question is how dareful, how naked should I be?

Here is a series of photos from the photo shoot. The location was set. It had to be Brooks Falls, it’s iconic for bear activity. The question, though, remained—how naked?


No pants?

Should I sit?

Does it look better without a shirt?

Alright, I think we've got it, let's go down the list.
Bear - On the Junior Ranger booklet, Brooks Falls backdrop. Check.
Naked - No pants, no shirt. Check
Granola - Empty bag, but safe from bears. Check