Hawai'i Volcanoes: Idiot water

This year I decided to stop drinking idiot water. Idiot water is bottled water and I’m calling it that because we need to make a change, about what we decide to drink.

One of the big issues in the National Park Service right now is water. Currently the National Park Service does not sell bottled water. They have refilling stations that allow you to fill up your canteen and encourage you to produce less waste by doing so. Thanks to the big water lobby this policy is being challenged and they are trying to open up the sale of bottled water in National Parks. Keep in mind that these are some of the same companies that have lied about the source of their water, claiming that rebottled city water was spring fed.

Don’t be naïve. Naïve wants you to pretend that you don’t know any better. They want you to pretend that plastic bottles won’t cause problems. Naïve wants you to ignore the millions of pounds of waste that will be created. Don’t ‘reed krap’. When you ‘reed the krap’ that they write you have to remember that they are lining the pockets of House of Representatives members and Senators to support their ideas.

Our parks were established for future generations to experience. You can be THAT guy that drinks idiot water or instead, you can use a refilling station and prevent that plastic from ever making it to the landfill.

Naïve and ‘reed krap’ spelled backwards are the names of two major water companies. You don’t write backwards, you don’t read backwards, you don’t watch movies backwards and you don’t listen to music backwards. Why do pretend to be naïve and ‘reed the krap’ that the spout when it comes to water.

A lot of research shows that telling people to do things for future generation doesn’t change their behavior, when it comes to the environment. What does, then? Heckling. So, join me. Make fun of people who use bottle water, let’s start calling it idiot water. If they don’t care about the future generation they will at least care about trying not to look like an idiot, so let’s use that as our tool to make a difference. We can’t be naïve about this issue anymore. When it comes to big water in National Parks its time that we moved forward.

In the National Park system Hawai’i Volcanoes is unique when it comes to water.

They have posters that say:

1.     Captured from clouds
2.     Filtered by sand
3.     Pumped here by solar

It’s delicious, it’s renewable and it’s not idiot water.

It should be noted, that there is a time and a place for bottled water. In places like Flint, Michigan or when water is contaminated bottled water can be a savior. That’ being said, idiot water is not a savior in our National Parks.