Haleakala: The Endangered Ne Ne

The Ne Ne is an endangered Hawaiian goose. They believe that a group of Canadian geese got lost in flight and landed on the Hawaiian Islands. After their landing they made some strange adaptations. They lost their ability to fly, which while it seems strange, actually makes sense. There were no natural predators on the islands, and thus no need to be able to fly. Also, why would you want to fly after landing on Hawai’i?! Additionally, the webbing on their feet got smaller as they adapted to walk on lava.

As time passed we introduced predators in the form of feral cats and mongoose. Now, due to their inability to fly, the young are prone to being eaten. They also are known for not getting off of the road when cars come and are hit by cars. Due to their inability to move off of the road you often see ‘Ne Ne Crossing’ signs throughout Hawai’i Volcanoes and Haleakala.

The first time that I saw one of the Ne Ne signs I immediately thought of the song Whip and Nae Nae and discussed the need to dance in front of one of the signs. With Janelle and Jessie both interested in dancing we now had the critical mass necessary to make our educational video letting others know about the importance of the Ne Ne, and with that I give you…

Please know that our band/group does not yet have a name, but that we are dedicated to bringing you visually stunning videos.