17 of 59 : Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is the clearest freshwater in the world. At first you are like how exciting can a lake be, it's just water right? It is absolutely mesmerizing. The reflection off of the lake makes it hard to discern sky from water as you look at clouds that are pillowy in the sky and seemingly just as pillowy on the bright blue water. It was formed when Mount Mazama blew its top and exploded. What was a 12,000 foot mountain lost nearly one mile of it's height in the volcanic eruption around 5,677 BC and since that time rain and snow has been filling the resulting caldera, Crater Lake, with the clearest freshwater in the world. The near numbing water is quite refreshing in a wetsuit and I was able to relax in the water and enjoy the clarity while swimming around, go to Crater Lake, get in the water, it is beautiful.

Crater Lake is also the first place where we completely cleaned out the truck and repacked the car. You can see an image of the chaos below.