Haleakala: New Friends and Funny Foods

After our trip to Hana Trevor and I made nearly two-dozen Spam Masubi’s in preparation for our time at Haleakala. If you have not been graced with seeing or experiencing a spam masubi, it rice and a piece of grilled spam wrapped up in seaweed like a piece of sushi. From our time on the Big Island, we discovered that they are delicious.  

One of Trevor’s college friends Jessie also happened to be touring around on Maui and said she wanted to meet up at Haleakala to explore. Kathleen dropped us and our spam masubi off at Hosmer Grove Campground in Haleakala so that we could meet up with Jessie and her friend from New York City, Janelle.


I made sure you couldn't see their faces in this photo...to protect the innocent

I made sure you couldn't see their faces in this photo...to protect the innocent

We pulled into the campground rather late and stayed up chatting only briefly before realizing that we were going to wake up early to watch the famous Haleakala sunrise.

Our next day was spent watching the sunrise, making a ridiculous breakfast, and hiking across the crater. I will regale you with the story of the sunrise and hiking in other posts; this one is about friends and funny foods.

So breakfast. We had Hawaiian roles and bananas and guava juice. Naturally, Jessie had the idea to pour guava juice on the roles and then put bananas and passion fruit jelly on the rolls. This entire concoction was put inside of aluminum foil and put over charcoal. I was skeptic #1 and opted for the tried and true banana boat, breakfast version.  Take one banana cut it in half fill it with peanut butter and whatever other toppings you want. Wrap this in foil and throw in the fire.

Out of the fire came four banana boats. Three of them were good; the last one contained approximately a cup of peanut butter, whoops. The Funny Bread, as we named the other ‘thing’ ended up being delicious. I ate my words and as much of it as possible, and apologized to Jessie for doubting her cooking ingenuity.

In later additions funny bread saw the likes of chicken and pineapple leftovers from a previous dinner. Every time it was really really good and we devoured all of the contents, to prevent burning the bread make sure to use oil or butter and don’t put it to close to the coals.