#AskGaryVee and Sportody

One month ago we got on Episode 92 of the #AskGaryVee show. If you don't know Gary Vaynerchuk I would suggest that you check him out. I first came across him several years ago watching the 2011 RE/MAX Keynote address. I know that sounds exciting, but he completely revolutionized the way that I look at Twitter. Check it out, for serious.

About 2-weeks prior to being on the #AskGaryVee show one of my college friends, Mickey Cloud, was in town and we were catching up over lunch. He was telling me about his upcoming move to Chattanooga working for a company called VaynerMedia. I was telling him about #59in59. He suggested I reach out to the #AskGaryVee show for advice.

I made a short video which you can see here: 

Gary provided me with some excellent advice and said 'I'm sure 5 to 7 of the viewers think it is clever'. He wasn't wrong. After the video was posted I was contacted, via Twitter, by an up and coming company called Sportody. They provide a platform for people to provide independent reviews about outdoor activities or providers that they use.  People can then search near their area for hiking, fishing, or other activities.

Recently Trevor and I did an interview with Sportody that was posted on their website, click below to see the full interview. They asked us how we got the idea and got everything started and I think Trevor phrased it perfectly. 59in59 'is kind of crazy...it's just crazy enough to work.'

While this idea is just crazy enough to work we realize that we are in a place where we can embark in less than two weeks because of the help of family and friends. We have raised $5,764 of our $10,000 goal on Rocket Hub.

If you would like to make a gift you can sponsor a day of #59in59 for $59. Or go big and sponsor a day in Alaska $118. Here is the 59 National Parks in 59-weeks giving page.

Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive so far!!