66-days until the National Park Service Centennial

June 20th, 2016 brings us 66-days away from the National Park Service Centennial. In this edition of the #CentennialCountdown we go back 66-years to 1950. Director Newton Drury wrote some powerful words that need to be remembered. "When the free flow of a stream is blocked and a valley is buried beneath impounded waters, that natural character is lost, and lost irretrievably." 66-years ago Newton Drury talked about how dams would change the character of these beautiful places. He was right and they did. We lost Glen Canyon and the beauty of its slot canyons. It can never be replaced. It is important that we remember this fact. We don't get 'take-backs' when it comes to the environment. Once we ruin it, we ruin it. Once we destroy something our children and their children's children will never get to experience it in the same way.