Obama, Enough Already

We get it! You are a huge fan of 59in59. 

We visit Kenai Fjords and Trevor wears his Bear Grylls jacket. You visit Kenai Fjords with Bear Grylls.

We visit Denali. You endorse the name change of Mount McKinley to Denali on the day we leave, making us some of the last visitors in the history of the world to see it as Mount McKinley. 

We set our flights for Kotzebue to visit Kobuk Valley and you become the first sitting   President to visit the Arctic.

We wear American Flag onesies from Tipsy Elves and you did a double take, where upon your second look you chuckled and smiled at our celebration of America and Freedom. 

We visit Joshua Tree National Park and on the day we leave you announce the creation of Castle Mountains National Monument.


Honestly we are flattered, but mostly embarrassed. We just realized that we never personally invited you to join our trip, so here it is, your personal invitation.

Dear President Barack Obama,

We at 59in59 are visiting all 59 National Parks in 59 weeks to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. We would like to invite you to join us, to celebrate America, to celebrate Freedom. 

We are, fittingly, on our way to Pinnacles National Park. The one you signed into law in 2013. 

Looking forward to seeing you in one of our National Parks!