The Route

One of the important things to get out there is The Route that we will be taking. It is listed on The Map page so that people can easily follow it. I thought it would be fun, both to learn some new features on my phone/video camera and continue practicing with ReplayApp. In the next week I need to finalize my fundraising video and I would like to have as much practice making videos. It gives me a good sense of the app and gives me some feedback from people as to what they enjoy.

This video was fun because there was a lot of trial and error. I tried to take time lapse up close. Didn't work. I tried to take photos of the 59 different parks on the map and quickly realized that it would be incredibly unmanageable as a video. Then it came to me. Put the phone on the dresser and do a time lapse of putting up the pins and adding the string. It turned out pretty well, but the timing was kind of off. Until I found the old timey video option. Perfect video and audio.

So here it is. This huge map has sat above my bed for the last 6 or 7 months and you get to see what it looks like to put in pins for 59 National Parks. Enjoy!