One of the difficult parts about this trip is finding sponsors. The potential list of supporters is illimitable, the process of getting one of those sponsors to sign on is much more difficult. I have two approaches.

1. Contact lots of different potential sponsors. It's a very terrible process that goes like this.
a. Go to potential sponsors website
b. Scroll to the bottom of the website for the 'Contact Us' section
    *Please note that sometimes this takes 3 minutes of clicking to find
c. Submit form with your name, contact information and idea.
d. Wait 3-4 days
e. Receive a generic message that usually says "We love supporting people, but we can't support anyone else this year." or "We love supporting people, do you fit these criteria" or "We love supporting people, please fill out this really long and intense additional form"

This process is completely and totally uninspiring. I get it. Companies want an easy way to sort through these without being overwhelmed. There have been exceptions to these general process, I have enjoyed these companies and look forward to supporting them more as a consumer.

My second option of approach is:

2. Spend a lot more time trying to work with an organization that I am especially excited about.

This is where The Mountain comes in. I love The Mountain. They make amazing wolf shirts. So I made this video and blasted their social media pages. We'll see what comes of it.